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morni hills travel packages

Chandigarh to Morni Travel Packages, 1 Night/2 Days

Situated about 45 kms from Chandigarh, Morni is a great place for people who like to trek and camp in the woods within just an hour’s drive from Tricity. Not only is the region famous for its natural beauty, but is also known for its vivid variety of flowers and different species of birds. Compared to Shimla, Kasauli and other hill stations, Morni Hills offer a unique wildlife travel experience near Chandigarh. Being the only hill station in the state of Haryana, Morni is yet another resplendent place for weekend getaways with friends & family. The sunrise & sunset experience has a beauty of its own, especially at the spot where two lakes are simultaneously fringed by hills.

Best Time to Visit Morni

Throughout the year, you can say that it is the best season to visit Morni. The hill station is a lakeside hamlet at a height of 4,000 ft.  Here you’ll get to see many diverse varities of flowers & species of birds. Boating is fun amidst the offshoots of Shivalik range, and both summers as well as winters are equally pleasant. And hence, it is one of the favorite year-round weekend getaways for youngsters & families from Chandigarh, Ambala, Ludhiana & Delhi.

How to Reach Morni

By Train: Nearest Railway Station is Kalka (KLK), located 35 km from Morni.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Chandigarh Airport (IXC), located 45 km from Morni.

1. Twin lakes of Tikkar Taal: Bhim Taal and Draupdi Taal

tikkar taal morni hills.jpg

A hill divides the two twin lakes, the larger one is called Bhim Taal or just Tikkar Taal which is 550 meter wide and 460 meter long, and the smaller one is called Draupdi Taal or Chota Tikkar Taal (meaning the little tikkar lake) is 365 meter wide and long. Legend says that there is a hidden channel linking both the lakes, as the water level of two lakes remains roughly the same. Both the lakes are looked upon by locals as sacred.


2. Morni Hill Fort & Museum

morni hills fort leopards

This is a very old fort situated in Morni Hills, and so more or less its in ruins. Yet, this is a popular trekking location among youth for hanging out with friends. Lots of greenery is spread across Morni fort, and the faint scene of the trees and flowers add peacefulness to the ambiance. A colourful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is adjacent to the fort and stands out amidst the gloomy surroundings presented by the fort. Even the local authorities have restored the place for tourists. Last year, a museum was also opened inside the Fort Area.

3. Thakurdwara Temple

morni hills temple.jpg


Dedicated to Lord Krishna, this beautiful temple is built on the site of a 10th Century ancient temple. Located at the banks of Tikkar Taal, this temple is credited with excavations in 1970 leading to the discovery of Hindu sculptures dating back to Pratihara era (7th to 11th century CE), some of which are housed at Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh and some remain in-situ at the Thakurdwara temple at Morni Hills.

4. Adventure Park

adventure park morni hills

In an effort to boost tourism in Morni Hills, the Government of Haryana established a beautiful adventure park here. It offers a vast array of options to all the adrenaline junkies. While Zipline, Burma bridge and climbing nets are all present here, this adventure park is apt for people who wish to experience adventure while staying in the safe zone. Even for kids as small as toddlers there are small rides, and a small cafeteria has been set up for satisfying your hunger. The entry fees is affordable, and you can have a jolly good time here with family, friends & especially kids!

5. Gurudwara Nada Sahib

gurudwara nada sahib chandigarh

Located on the outskirts of Panchkula, Gurudwara Nada Sahib is just 17 kms from Morni Hills, and holds a significant spiritual value, not just among the Sikh community, but all locals, travelers & the needy. Legend has it, that when Guru Gobind Singh ji was going to Anandpur Sahib, he rested here during his voyage. It is a pious place, and it’s sacred environment makes it one of the most-visited Gurudwaras in the whole of India. Nestled in the laps of Shivalik hills, Gurudwara Nada Sahib will engulf you into a chaste aura, and the serene ambiance of the hills will take you closer to the supreme being.

Short Weekend Trips Starting @ ₹3,499/- (all inclusive)

Enjoy a short trip with your loved ones in the lap of Mother Nature here at Morni Hills.

Luxury Accommodation at 3-star Rating Hotels.

Round Trip Travel in Premium Sedan/SUV/Minibus (depending on your group size)

Package inclusive of all local activities – Boating, Adventure Park, Camping & Trekking.

If you haven’t traveled with before, then let us tell you that we are on a mission to help you travel any part of India, just like local residents of that region. This means that you will get the best return on your money, as we will never let local travel agents charge you a hefty amount of money, just because you don’t belong to that place. We will ensure that you pay the best price for every service, and provide you with a package that’s tailor-made to suit your individual needs. Meals provided will be highly nutritious and safe, but as per your taste and standards you may choose to carry extra cash for food & other necessities.

Flora & Fauna of Morni Hills


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